KAPOK Garden Hoses with Brass Fitting Connectors- Varies Sizes and Colors (100-FT, Blue/Yellow)

September 3, 2017 - Comment

Product Features 100-FT TPR Garden Hose Solid brass fittings

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Product Features

  • 100-FT TPR Garden Hose
  • Solid brass fittings


Derek says:

NOT a 5/8″ hose. Brass fittings have TINY hole inside. This may be a good quality hose (I didn’t try it), but was absolutely useless to me because the hole inside the brass fittings on the ends is really small. MUCH smaller than the inside of a typical 5/8″ hose, which this is supposed to be. I bought it for the sole purpose of attaching to a submersible pump, which is why I only needed the 15ft length, but the small inside diameter would have created a restricting bottleneck. 

David M. Mecham says:

Well pleased with quality and utility Good quality hoses and its nice to have a lot of short hoses for branching a sprinkler, extending the hose for those one of a kind jobs etc.

Verified Shopper says:

Great quality hose for the money! Great soft and flexible hose. I like additional rubber washers provided for a sure leak-free fit! Overall highly satisfied!

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